Thursday, July 27, 2006

New Anti-Exploit Tools

Hi folks,

This has been an exceptionally busy month for us - fortunately not because of any specific new bad-guy activity. But we're making sure we're as ready as we can be for the next onslaught, with the release of (1) an SDK (Software Development Kit) that encapsulates our exploit scanner and (2) the first product to use the SDK, called LinkScanner.

The purpose of the SDK is to allow other software companies to incorporate our technology into their products with a minimum of fuss, and the purpose of LinkScanner is to allow people to test URLs for malicious content. LinkScanner is really simple. You just enter a URL into the entry box, and our server tests it.

Some services that offer this kind of thing rely on cached results in a database, which are only as good as the last time their spiders tested it, but LinkScanner works in real time and always delivers fresh and current results.

It's proving hugely popular. Give it a try at It's fun.



At 4:09 PM, Blogger Christian Seifert said...

This is really nice, Roger. Can you provide some additional information on what is particularly checked on each site. Do you look only for drive by downloads or also at general security violations, such as spoofing of the status bar to support phishing attacks?

What would be really cool if you would allow an API integration to you link scanner (probably with a subscription charge). This would allow to carry your products to other products.



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