Sunday, April 22, 2007

A real knockout website

Hi folks,

One of the most entertaining features of our product is SearchShield. LinkScanner is able to fold into both Internet Explorer and Firefox and is able to pre-scan search results for google, yahoo and msn. It takes a little bit longer, because it physically has to go fetch all the webpages and scan them, but it's so much fun to watch it's worth installing it just for the entertainment value. Exploitive websites are really hard to find, but they pop up when they are entirely unexpected (which is why databased solutions can never keep up with a programmatic solution). Time after time, you'll be searching for something innocent, and bam!... something unexpectedly gets marked with our famous red X.

For example, a simple google for K1 turns up an exploitive site as the first result.
(WARNING! Don't go to any of these sites unless you really know what you're doing)

It seems that K1 is shorthand for a form of Ultimate Fighting, and this one,, is infected by the Chinese WoW hackers.

There's some irony in real martial artist warriors being impacted by virtual reality World Of Warcraft players.

I can't help but feel that the K1 guys would like five minutes with the World of Warcraft guys.





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