Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dangerous searches

Hi folks,

Today it's dangerous to search for ...

victoria's secret (duh! the wrong website here gets you a fake codec)

pokemon ruby gamesharks (I couldn't make this stuff up)

blue book (wrong website gets you an mdac exploit)

bulletin boards in norwich, ct (that'll get you an Orphaned Lure which might not be an orphan)

and .... music! (webattacker 2 or mpack)






At 12:48 AM, Anonymous MaryAnn said...

Wow Roger, are you telling me that you can be innocently searching for a new bra and type Victoria's Secret into Google search and something terrible gets left on your computer if you happen to click on the wrong one? And am I correct in thinking that this problem changes daily as far as the subject you are searching so is there any way to know what not to search in advance for those of us who are less than computer geniuses? I assume the same problem occurs when using other searches like Yahoo, etc. This is a very scary thing for me as although I have had a computer since the 1980's and my life's work resides in computer files not hard copies, I really have very little knowledge about how to watch and prevent such things. Thanks for sharing the information. You seem to be quite knowledable and this is a very serious problem. MaryAnn
AKA: AWriterWithGuts@clearwire.

At 6:11 PM, Blogger Roger Thompson said...

Hi Maryann,

Yes, that's exactly right. Don't be overly concerned though ... the overall percentage of malicious websites is pretty low, but the point is that it's really hard for an ordinary person to tell which innocent ones are now bad. That's why we wrote our software, LinkScanner.

And of course, if you allow Microsoft to automatically patch your system each month, that helps a lot too, because it removes a lot of the vulnerabilities that the Bad Guys would like to use!




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