Saturday, February 16, 2008

Wow... this was quick

Hi folks,

I'm sure most people know about the horrific attack on the poor NYC psych. In the news tonight, we noticed that the police had arrested someone named David Tarloff for allegedly being the perp. With the web being what it is, we often find that if you look quickly, you can find personal pages about these people, often before the police get them taken down. Ok, it's a little morbid, but it's interesting at the same time.

So, when we googled for David Tarloff, here was the result...

Hmmm... an AOL journal account... that sounds plausible for a personal page... click...

Yep ... still looks plausible ... let's click the name ... click...

WAAAAIT A MINUTE!!!!! That ain't no Hank William's song! (Pop culture reference to Bob, of Bob's Country Bunker in the Blues Brothers, where Bob suddenly realizes that that the boys aren't really a country and western band, and that he's been had.)

Attentive readers will instantly notice that this is a Fake Codec, and will close the browser. Non-attentive readers will attempt to install the codec, and will be rewarded with a rootkit.

But how quick was that? We only noticed that the guy had been arrested and named today, and yet they not only managed to get their lure in place on AOL, but they also managed to get their site the Number One organic result on Google if you search for David Tarloff! And on the weekend at that! These boys are on the ball. We're grudgingly impressed.

Be careful folks, it's a tricky world out there.





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