Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hacked .gov websites _still_

Hi folks,

Over the last _three_ months, Alex Eckelberry has blogged multiple times about hacked .gov websites here

Two months ago, we blogged about it here, and and made this video... .

You'd think they'd be fixed by now, wouldn't you?

Some are, but alas, here is a list from the last two days. Please be careful if you decide to look. You should expect exploits and social engineering.

Some are hosting the code, and some are hacked dns.C'mon guys ... FIX them.





At 4:21 PM, Blogger kiwi........... said...

Hi;very interesting info.I just used a program for myspace for graphics,its called webfetti? aka my web web fun graphics and it took over my web pages the tool bar was myweb search when I searched other programs there was two or three of the same exact searches(?)this program offered an un-install program but the files were still in the back ground,I have found most of the files but do not no how to complete this getting rid of programs(?)I read many items the programs have signs such as %``% plus other gibberish lingo?so now i'm stuck my running very slow with high speed internet,it crashes and I get many error messages any suggestions?Thanks, Judy


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