Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dangerous searches - June 27, 2007

Hi folks,

It been a few days, and I thought I'd post the highlights. Over the last few days, it's been dangerous to search for such diverse things as ...

"music without voice" - WebAttacker2/ Mpack

"famous cubists" - WebAttacker/ MPack

"what is the regulation height of a dartboard" - believe it or not, this can get you a fake codec. Is nothing sacred?

"travel line buses sheffield" - MDAC

"polly pocket" - MDAC - no, nothing is sacred

"florida baptist churches" - nope, nothing.

"blank paper invitation pockets" - WebAttacker2/MPack

"web counter that works on myspace" - MDAC

and we don't usually care about p0rno queries, but this one is too funny to ignore...

"looney toon porn" .... whatever!




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