Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Innocent searches for Nov 21 2007

Hi folks,

Here are some of the Innocent Searches that might get you into trouble from just today. There are rather a lot of them...

AREA MEASUREMENT - wrong choice gets a link to a known exploit site
recipe for bine turkey - what's a bine turkey? anyway, wrong choice gets a rootkit
currency converter - rootkit
americanexpress/activate - rootkit
sixth avenue electronics - rootkit
deltashuttle - rootkit
blue licenses holding - rootkit
office depot links paper templates - rootkit
knitted or crocheted dachshund patterns - rootkit
fishing site - rootkit
avolon grand cancun,mexico - mdac exploit
demising - rootkit
radio blog club - mdac exploit
hp csn - rootkit
LEGO DUPLO Block-o-dile - rootkit
degrassi fan fiction - rootkit
ASA 5510 throttling - rootkit
durrants auctions - WebAttacker/MPack
cluck u chicken - link to known exploit site
define scupper - rootkit
nfl picks - link to known exploit site
gary senner myspace - trojan installer
laundromat franchises - link to known exploit site

Two interesting things... (1) most of the rootkits are being installed by social engineering tricks and (2) we're seeing about this many "Innocent searches" turning up malicious sites every day, which is a big increase from what we used to see.



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At 12:44 PM, Blogger James said...

I can't believe people are not protecting themselves from rootkits, funny thing is it doesn't even cost anything since theres loads of free ones out there. I use Sophos Anti rootkit myself and it's never let me down.

Maybe you should write an article about how people can defend themselves from these types of threats?


At 7:24 PM, Blogger Roger Thompson said...

Good idea. It turns out that they don't all work though. I might do a review of them shortly, and show which ones do what.



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